Robotics: Science and Systems XV

Efficient Algorithms for Optimal Perimeter Guarding

Si Wei Feng, Shuai D. Han, Kai Gao, Jingjin Yu


We investigate the problem of optimally assigning a swarm of robots (or other types of autonomous agents) to guard the perimeters of closed 2D regions, where the perimeter of each region to be guarded may contain multiple disjoint line segments. Each robot is responsible for guarding a subset of a perimeter and any point on a perimeter must be guarded by some robot. In allocating the robotic swarm, the main objective is to minimize the maximum 1D distance to be covered by any robot along the boundary of the regions. For this optimization problem which we call optimal perimeter guarding (OPG), thorough structural analysis is performed, which is then exploited to develop fast exact algorithms that run in guaranteed low polynomial time. In addition to formal analysis and proofs, experimental evaluations and simulations are performed that further validate the correctness and effectiveness of our algorithmic results.



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