Robotics: Science and Systems XV

Local Koopman Operators for Data-Driven Control of Robotic Systems

Giorgos Mamakoukas, Maria Castano, Xiaobo Tan, Todd Murphey


This paper presents a data-driven methodology for linear embedding of nonlinear systems. Utilizing structural knowledge of general nonlinear dynamics, the authors exploit the Koopman operator to develop a systematic, data-driven approach for constructing a linear representation in terms of higher order derivatives of the underlying nonlinear dynamics. With the linear representation, the nonlinear system is then controlled with an LQR feedback policy, the gains of which need to be calculated only once. As a result, the approach enables fast control synthesis. We demonstrate the efficacy of the approach with simulations and experimental results on the modeling and control of a tail-actuated robotic fish and show that the proposed policy is comparable to backstepping control. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first experimental validation of Koopman-based LQR control.



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