Robotics: Science and Systems XV

Conditional Neural Movement Primitives

Muhammet Yunus Seker, Mert Imre, Justus Piater, Emre Ugur


Conditional Neural Movement Primitives (CNMPs) is a learning from demonstration framework that is designed as a robotic movement learning and generation system built on top of a recent deep neural architecture, namely Conditional Neural Processes (CNPs). Based on CNPs, CNMPs extract the prior knowledge directly from the training data by sampling observations from it, and uses it to predict a conditional distribution over any other target points. CNMPs specifically learns complex temporal multi-modal sensorimotor relations in connection with external parameters and goals; produces movement trajectories in joint or task space; and executes these trajectories through a high-level feedback control loop. Conditioned with an external goal that is encoded in the sensorimotor space of the robot, predicted sensorimotor trajectory that is expected to be observed during the successful execution of the task is generated by the CNMP, and the corresponding motor commands are executed. In order to detect and react to unexpected events during action execution, CNMP is further conditioned with the actual sensor readings in each time-step. Through simulations and real robot experiments, we showed that CNMPs can learn the non-linear relations between low-dimensional parameter spaces and complex movement trajectories from few demonstrations; and they can also model the associations between high-dimensional sensorimotor spaces and complex motions using large number of demonstrations. The experiments further showed that even the task parameters were not explicitly provided to the system, the robot could learn their influence by associating the learned sensorimotor representations with the movement trajectories. The robot, for example, learned the influence of object weights and shapes through exploiting its sensorimotor space that includes proprioception and force measurements; and be able to change the movement trajectory on the fly when one of these factors were changed through external intervention.



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